Macular Holes: I almost lost my ability to do something I love, read.

One of the things I post often here at My Life Beyond Labels are book reviews. While I love nothing more than the feel, the weight and yes, even the smell of a physical book I switched to ebooks about a year ago because my Fibromyalgia and hand tremors were making it difficult to read physical books.

When I began reading ebooks, I was using a NOOK I used the standard settings, which are much like a standard book – white background with black text. I was fine with these settings and had no issues reading whatsoever.

Somewhere alone the line I discovered that you could change the background color, essentially the color of the pages. I also discovered that changing the color of page to a cream color was easier on my eyes. I’ve used e-readers ever since then. First, my NOOK. Then, my Tablet. Now, my phone.

I haven’t had any issues reading my ebooks. Even with my Macular Holes, sure seeing straight lines are difficult but reading never has been, until now.

Recently, I was sent a book to read and review for an Indie author. Nothing different from any other day, right?


This time, the author sent me a paperback copy of his book. It wasn’t my favorite format anymore because of my Fibro and tremors but it was manageable once in a while. So no big deal. I didn’t learn the problem until I began reading the book.

couldn’t read the book.

Every time I would sit down and try to read my current book, I couldn’t. The words would wiggle and shake as if on a wave in the ocean.

Remember when you were a kid and you figured out that if you held a pencil by the eraser and you waved it up and down quickly it appeared to bend the pencil? That’s how text in physical books appears.

All this time, I’ve been using my various e-readers with the cream pages because I liked the look better. I had no idea that the only way I could read was with those e-readers and with that setting.

All because of these flipping Macular Holes in my right eyes.



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