Macy's Flower Show 2008

Herald_square_building_7Tired of winter?  Well, if you're in the New York City area make yourHerald_square_building_6_3 way over to Macy's Herald Square and check out the 2008 Macy's Flower Show.

I took a trip over there last week and this year's show is lavish, lush and lovely.

The crowning achievement is a replica of the Macy's Herald Square store made entirely of organic plant materials like twigs, moss and bark.  It was designed by landscape architect Paul Busse and it's a whimsical delight.Bouquet_of_the_day_3

From tulips to orchids to hydrangeas to calla lilies, this year's show is a feast for the senses.  I found myself looking forward with excitement to my own garden planting season in a few short weeks.

As a start, today I bought a small planter of pansies for my dining room.  The pansies are a delicate apricot color and they have a wonderfully subtle scent. 

But back to Macy's, I took lots of pictures at the flower show and you can check out the best of them here.

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