'Mad Men' is Back, and Twitter and I Can't Wait to Spoil It

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Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo (Zou Bisou Bisou, I know.)  Did you have fun at Don's 40th Birthday Bash? I sure did. What better way to bring us back to everything we love about Mad Men than with a swanky cocktail party starring a sultry French Canadian?

Season Five returned like candy for my '60s-loving eyes, and while sure, nothing majorly new or shocking happened during the premiere we waited 17 months for, lots of seeds were planted (the youth! the racial unrest! the onward! the upward! the antiquated ideals!) and I for one am pretty amped to see where the SCDP crew takes us.

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But beyond Roger smoking cigarettes around newborns and Don actually marrying Megan -- there are two versions of this drama running in tandem, and I can't get over the live performances that play out on Twitter as the show airs.

Some of my favorites? @DonDrapersLiver, @OldBettyDraper, and @TrudyCampbellNY. They comment, they argue, and they role play, almost as their own brand of interactive fan fiction.

Did you watch? Did you tweet? Tell me about your favorite parts of the Mad Men season five premiere now!

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