Madam Premier - Sexism Exposed!

If you think being a woman in politics today is easy, think again. Diamond Isinger created a blog called Madam Premier where readers can see first hand the sexist and vicious comments that can be made by fellow Canadians towards their female politicians. All the tweets, Facebook posts and comments are re-posted without editing. I did find it hard to read but it demonstrates the great ignorance and cruelty that exists. Madam Premier tells it like it is.

I have come to expect certain hyper-sexualized and hateful comments from an element of the male population but what bothered me most was comments made by other women towards these politicians. I can't for the life of me understand how any woman can embrace sexism. If it wasn't for female politicians and maverick women business leaders none of those women who commented would be able to participate in half of what they probably do now. Why don't these women get educated before they start slamming their own gender because I've got news for them...hundreds of years went by with no privileges under the rule of male politicians. Not so long ago tweeters "Francesca, Alisa and Mimi" would have been waiting for permission to speak. 

So many people attached disgustingly foul language to their comments and some were even suggesting violence. I can take an "f-bomb" here and there but these tweets were laden with so much hate speech I have to wonder who raised these people and just how did they get to be so full of hostility towards others? My husband was amazed at how many people don't even hide their identity; like some cowards do on social media. Right out there, plain to see is the face of sexism, misogyny and idiocy. I think that's a good thing because at least if I knew this person I could offer a referral to a good therapist or walk away from them with a clear conscience.

You would definitely have to have a thick skin to be in politics and put up what the kind of free speech that comes with the job. However, sexism has no place in this world anymore. Sexism can be insidious, permeating our media and interactions with each other in ways some may not fully understand.  It is a useless and outdated way of thinking fueled only by those that feel inferior enough to use it. I know there are people out there who have a limited vocabulary and minimal experience to lend to a conversation so their response is to spew venom in the comment sections of blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook or Twitter. However, when sexism and misogynistic attitudes prevent women from entering into politics, a profession or even from buying a product then more people lose than win. Our country and economy is dependent on women!

StopphotoWe need to show the next generation of young women that politics is a noble career choice and not to be dissuaded from entering due to vulgar jokes or homophobic references. Sexism must stop. This isn't a women's issue either. It bothers me that anything that happens to women is automatically labeled a problem women have to solve. No. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as a full participating society. It's time to grow up and rid ourselves of things that are holding us back from progress. Sexism is one of those things. Kudos to Madam Premier for shining a spotlight on the dark reality of sexism in Canadian politics.



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