Madness. March Madness.

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It is Madness I tell you. March Madness.

I know why they call it that too. I think I watched seven hours of college basketball yesterday and I am on hour number four today.

And the women's tournament doesn't even start until tomorrow.

By Tuesday my children will understand all of the intricacies of playing zone defense.

Yes, I love basketball, but I think there is something I like even more than basketball. 


Oh! How I love brackets. I think I filled out six brackets for the men's tournament and one for the women's. Yes, it is unbalanced, but I was just happy that ESPN actually had women's brackets this year. You don't want to get me started on my disappointment with CBS Sports and their lack of support for the women's tournament.

Right now I have two of my brackets printed out on the desk in front of me. I also have two highlighters handy - green for my correct picks and orange for the games I got wrong.

Yes, sort of geeky, but one of these brackets has 27 bottle of wine riding on it. Instead of betting money, we each buy one $15 bottle of wine and the winner takes all. It is a fun alternative to gambling with money and if you win it is a good way to discover some new wines.

Not that I've ever won.

Clearly, I have a deep love for March Madness.

Of course, not everybody loves the NCAA Tournament as much as I do.  Bonnie Erbe would argue that our entire society's obsession with sports harms me as a woman.

America's obsession with pro and even college sports is an overall
detriment to society. Playing sports is one thing. Turning mere, and
often wildly flawed, mortals into sports heroes harms society in so
many ways. It also turns too many of the heroes worshiped into
megalomaniacs, gamblers, substance abusers, violent criminals and worse.

Macho sports culture denigrates women. It "spins" images of steroid
abusers into cult heroes. We would be much better off without it in
every way.

I think that Bonnie Erbe completely ignores women's athletics and assumes the worst about people in general.

Plus, she is going to miss out on all of the fun.


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