Magic heating

Spent some time at our lake cabin. We've been retreating to this property for over 40 years. There are so many memories there, in every tree, every dip in the path through the woods, every morning when the mist rises off the water when the sun breaks through the trees. I read an article in a science magazine to the effect that your memories change every time you visit them. I guess every visit leaves a mark, which asks the question of how much memory is real and how much is all marked up from visits.

Our trips to this spot began with camping, with tents and a VW bus with a mattress in the back. Over the years we added a mobile home (1953 New Moon, furnished with a working kitchen and bathroom.) Most of us still preferred the tent, until we added a big room and porch. We put a Franklin stove in the middle. If you stuffed it full of split wood and small logs and got it blazing it would last until about 4 AM. No one wanted to go find more wood at that time, so you shivered and added robes and coats to the blankets.

Made me think about how casually we treated heating and air conditioning even at home. To get heat, we would turn a dial in back of the oil heater, look in with a flashlight until you coud see oil in the bottom, then light tome toilet paper with a match and drop it in the oil. After it went "Whoom!" you could shut the door and wait for heat to seep out. 

It does make me appreciate walking over to the thermostat, flicking the switch to heat or cool, and knowing all would be fine. We also appreciate that most of the time we don't need it. We shouldn't take these things for granted.

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