Magic in the Wormhole

photo of merry-go-round horse

I don't know if it is the reader part of me, or the writer part, that is drawn to the whimsical. I know I always loved riding carousels (though we called them merry-go-rounds). I wanted to take my time with my choice of which fearless steed to ride, but always had to hurry, so I didn't end up in the lame sled or on the smallest horse. Loved that scene in Saving Mr. Banks where he gets her on the carousel. Magic!

Some day I need to write that story, but in the meantime, as we go through the wormhole to the weekend, I hope yours is a little magical, a little whimsical. :-) Did you love the carousel as a kid? Wish you had a reason to climb on now?

Perilously yours,


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