A magical night out : outfit ideas and tips for a romantic evening date

So the guy you have had your eye on for a few weeks suddenly walks up to you and asks you out on a romantic and beautiful evening dinner. After your heart stops doing somersaults, you discover you have nothing to wear. This is a fancy evening out, and you want to make an unforgettable impression on your new guy (who looks like Hugh Jackman, because that is who I always picture in this scenario). So if you are fretting about your unusually formal first date, don't worry. I've got you covered. 


image source: rabiem22

We will start form the top down. Think of me as your very own fairy godmother. Just be sure to be back before the clock strikes midnight and remember to leave one shoe behind for good luck. 



Updos are beautiful, but can be far too austere for a date. Although this is a very formal first date, this isn't a high school prom. You want your handsome and intelligent Adonis to focus on your voluminous locks cascading down your back, not pinned firmly to your scalp like an old fashioned schoolmarm. Yet, you don't want to leave your hair completely down. This style can be boring, and it is a special event after all. A good middle ground is a safe bet for this evening. I've picked out a couple of half-up hairstyle options. This looks formal enough without going overboard. 



Next we move on to the jewelry. Your date's focus should never be taken away from your beautiful face. The flashy and colorful jewelry should be saved for impressing your girlfriends. Take a step away from the popular neon trends of today and focus on dainty items. This is the one event where delicate wins over poppin' styles. Also, men tend to appreciate blinged out looks much less than women. To avoid offending your man's delicate eyes, focus on classic, lady-like pieces. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Here are a few pieces I like best. 


Now that we have hair and jewelry covered, let's move onto dresses. Picking this out truly depends on where you are going. In this case, you will be dining at an expensive and elegant restaurant. One with perfect soft lighting and a dazzling view of the city all aglow with nightlife. Of course, for such an event, we don't want a puffy Cinderella ballgown; save that for the wedding. However, we do want sophisticated and sleek formal dresses or cocktail dresses. Something you can easily dance in all night (no twerking please). Here are my winners for this evening's date. 


*Dresses from Aviva Dress*


Beautiful Lace dress 

*Watch the hemlines! A little above the knees is okay, but not too much.

Judge hemlines according to your height* 



Hot red cocktail dress

*Watch the hemlines! A little above the knees is okay, but not too much.

Judge hemlines according to your height*



Sweetheart, purple formal dress




A-line strapless, pearl pink short evening dress

*Watch the hemlines! A little above the knees is okay, but not too much.

Judge hemlines according to your height**




Neutral A-line Party Dress 

*Knee length-perfect hemline.*


Make sure you don't go too short on hemlines for the first date (or any date out really). Most of the dresses that look short would fall somewhere a little above knee length for me. Choose options that work for your height, or pick one that falls exactly at knee length to be safe.


Shoes. My favorite fashion topic. A girl can never own too many pairs of shoes (of course a husband or boyfriend may disagree with this theory). Right now, the man you are about to see has no idea about the dozens of heels you have stowed away in your closet. This revelation will come much later in the relationship. You want to choose the best one out of the 50 pairs you own. One that seamlessly ties the whole outfit together. In this fantasy land date night, I would say, "bring out the Louboutins!" But alas, who are we kidding? I don't have a Louboutin salary; at least not yet. Therefore, I will give you a few choices that are equally enticing and perfect for those on a budget. 

Meryl-SoleSociety. Sensible and fashionable

Ceci-Sole Society. Snakeskin print adds a bit of fun.


Linn-Sole Society. Braided detail and a black shoe option

So now we have covered the basics of your fancy night out. Chin up, shoulders back, and practice that coy smile of yours. Most of all, enjoy yourself, and let him know what a wonderful woman you really are. 


P.S.- Don't forget breath-mints. You don't want anything spoiling that "weak in the knees" first date kiss.

**Oddly enough, I'm envisioning all this in my heart print pajamas....a girl can dream.

About Aviva Dress and disclaimer- This was a paid post by a UK website called Aviva Dress. They specialize in formal wear and evening dresses: bridal gowns, long/short prom dresses, and special events.  I do get compensated monetarily for some posts and I want to be very forthcoming about this. For this post, I chose items I would personally be interested in buying (had I occasion to do so). Clearly, I was focusing on formal wear since that is the premise of their website. Check them out if you have a special occasion. Although, I have visited the website, I have not ordered a product from them. Please use your own discretion when ordering online.