As the magical summer comes to an end.....

Close your eyes,


take a deep breath


and enjoy the warmth of the sun


pouring over your


winter weary body.


This summer will be magical.


You can feel it in your


freshly pedicured toes


and your new bathing suit


that doesn’t look too horrible


or make you look like a mom.


You only had to try on 600 suits


but it was worth it.


At least when you have to yell at the kids


600 times to walk


instead of run around the public pool


you will look good.


Not as good as the junior lifeguards


but middle aged good.


This summer


your hair will look sun kissed


and wind swept


and you will smell like coconuts.


You will chase fireflies with the kids


and sip on fruity alcohol infused


beverages with friends.


You will try new grilling


and salad recipes from Pinterest


and not eat hot dogs at every meal.


This summer will be different.


This will be the summer


that you will teach your kids


to ride bikes,


tie shoes


and keep them busy


with crafts


and fun worksheets


so they don’t lose any skills over the summer.


You will not hear the words, “I’m bored” once!


You will send the oldest child to an overpriced camp.


He will come home with gleeful stories


of tug of war and archery.


You will blog about your summer


on the family blog you started a year ago


but never had anything to write about.


Your younger children have a lemonade stand,


sell organic lemonade you say,


it is healthier.


You encourage your children to donate


the proceeds to an orphanage in Kenya.


This will be a great story for your blog.


Instead, the children spend the profits


on a trip to the Dollar Store.


They purchase chalk and bubbles.


You already own enough sidewalk chalk and bubbles


for every child in Kenya.


You get a call from the camp,


your child is homesick


and has impetigo.


Your other children have taken


charity to a new level


by giving every child within a 10 block radius


a popsicle from your freezer




You start buying store brand popsicles


that are not organic


or dye free.


Your evenings are spent


begging the kids to come inside,


swatting at mosquitoes


and keeping your hair tied in a ponytail


because it looks like a loofah


thanks to the humidity.


Your Pinterest Potato salad


gave everyone food poisoning


at Aunt Amy’s 4th of July family reunion.


You spent 32 bucks on a pet rock kit,


no one wants to make a pet rock with you.


You lie to the kids,


you tell them that


if the ice cream truck is playing music,


that means it is out of ice cream.


They may hate you for this fib one day


or they will use it with their own kids.


You have a sunburn from planting flowers


because you wanted pictures


for your blog


about your magical summer


and because your perfect neighbor


has a perfectly manicured lawn


and lush floral designs.


You bet her family doesn’t lie


when they fill out the forms


for the summer reading program


 at the local library.


This is not a magical summer.


But soon hope will return!


You will get the school supply list,


you will drive to 6 different stores


looking for Ticonderoga pencils,


24 glue sticks


and a laptop


for Kindergarten.


You will be at the hair salon


with the line of giddy moms


and sad children


getting back to school haircuts.


You will buy new pants


and shoes


that will be outgrown


by November.


You would like the children to reuse


their backpacks


and lunch boxes


but they won’t go for that.


You will buy them new ones.


Back to school shopping adds up


but it is the price of promise.


The promise of a magical


(and quiet) Fall.




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