The Main Event - Florida 2012

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Batten down the hatches, election fans. We’re going to have another fight in Florida.


If you enjoyed the 2000 election in which the Presidency was decided on the weight of just a few hundred votes, you are sure to be tickled by what comes next in the Sunshine State.


Part of the election process is to purge the voter rolls of dead people and those who are ineligible to cast ballots. It’s done in every municipality and every state prior to elections in an effort to curb voter fraud. It’s currently being done in Florida, but the Attorney General of the United States is cranky about it.


A couple of weeks ago, Eric Holder’s Justice Department sent a letter to the State of Florida ordering them to desist from purging the voter rolls because Holder and the gang imagine that the purging was unfairly targeting and disenfranchising minority voters. Florida Governor Rick Scott thinks otherwise.


To date, Florida’s efforts to purge the voter rolls have come up with the names of 2,700 people whose citizenship status is unknown. Florida asked the Department of Homeland Security for access to their citizenship database in order to check their questionable names against it. That access was denied. Then came Holder’s order to knock it off. Following in short order came Florida’s answering lawsuit and a countersuit by the Feds.


To say they’re having a Mexican Standoff would probably be insensitive. Besides, I think it might be a Cuban Standoff, truth be told.


At any rate, a row is in the offing.


Naturally, Republicans see Holder’s objections to the purging as an attempt to keep the voting pool full of votes – however illegal they might be – in order to bring about a Democrat win in November.


Holder, in my opinion, proves himself to be a racist when it comes to his bizarre method of implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1965. He has protected the “rights” of New Black Panther Party members to appear at polling places with clubs and shouting racial epithets, but will deny the people of Texas the right to ensure the integrity of their elections by implementing the new Voter Identification mandate for which they voted. He will do everything in his power to delay, stall or otherwise thwart the will of the people claiming racial discrimination is at the root of all things. IMHO, he does this to keep his cushy job.


It’s bound to be an interesting battle down South, so keep your eyes open. Make some popcorn. Buy some peanuts. Florida may find itself to be the main event in 2012.

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