The Mainland

Kat Spitzer The Happy Hypochondriac

I am back from Hawaii and my body is rebelling to my return to the mainland. I woke up this morning with a bloody nose and a few extra pounds. I think this is my cue to book another vacation, stat!

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Hawaii is. The people are wonderful, the food exceptional (the poi tolerable), and the sunsets surreal. I conquered various fears; no heart accelerations while flying, no death while breathing under water for snorkeling, no plummeting to the earth while walking and driving along steep cliffs, no drowning from falling into a water fall. I even managed to avoid food poisoning, or "traveler's stomach" for the first time in recent memory. I got sun kissed without burning (also a first) while spending a great portion of time outside trying new things like outrigger canoeing rapidly towards shore on some killer surf. I also creeped myself out (and majorly cheesed out) by visiting the sight of the plane crash from "Lost." So awesome.

I highly recommend the islands to everyone. I'm hoping the spirit of Aloha stays with me for a LONG time. I'm sending those vibes to you now. Shaka! (Hang loose...I'm doing the hand gesture too; fist with thumb and pinky finger pointing outward...for visualization purposes)


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