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These are the publishing companies that I submitted to one after the other when I couldn't go to sleep all night thinking of Top Crush and his family home in Bel Air. I dropped him off after we sped together down I-95 trying not to say anything. I'd already paid for my own gas and was going out of my way to spend some time with him and talk about music. He was nicer on the way back but maybe that's cause I kept my beanie over my ears and kept saying "what?" cause I couldn't hear him when he asked me questions. I took the time while we were sitting in traffic to text back messages to every friend who had contacted me over the course of the day and then he said something about that. He used to say a lot more about that, I used to have to hide it and my phone from him. I couldn't stop thinking about our relationship and what it used to be after I dropped him off. I drove in the dark past the streets I used to run around back when I practiced for my 1/2 marathon around here and I stopped in at the Sean Bolin's on Main Street. I didn't feel like drinking because it's usually not my thing, but I ordered a wine anyway and pretended to watch the basketball game. Some guys kept staring at me staring at the game cause I think they thought I was actually watching it, but really I was just thinking about Dave and why he'd not messaged me back about tonight. There was a movie that I was missing, back in Baltimore, as I was keeping my IPhone charged on the bartender's IPod charger, cause mine died.I was glad not to look at the screen but any minute I thought I'd get a message from Dave and it'd say why he wasn't coming, for the whole bar to see.The blond guy next to me actually looked like Major Duncan Hayword (without the blood.  see down below?)

and I started thinking that after a second wine I'd ask him about what 8-track he was working on or which he had just borrowed. You can never really get away from people at those things. Even if you're just dropping by to meditate on things so you can be around a crowd while you're doing it, someone always comes up. This one was a guy from Havre de Grace about my age, I answered him back by letting him have the rest of my chicken then watching him eat his cornbeef and cabbage spring rolls. We got some more beer and talked and then a girl that looked like Top Crush's girl stood behind us and joined in and ordered a diet coke. I wrote my email down on a napkin so I could leave, gave it to Havre de Grace Guy and then walked out looking for water as I walked down the sidewalk.


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