Make-Ahead-Cake-Batter Cake with Fudgy Stove Top Frosting

If you’re anything like me, there have been times when you refrained from making a made-from-scratch cake for a get together because of the multiple steps involved.  The batter preparation requires a lot of supplies, measuring, and cleanup.  Then there is frosting to make and the cake decorating to follow.  Cake baking can be a daunting project on a tight schedule.


I don’t like to make certain cakes in advance because I think they lose their flavor and the consistency changes, especially when refrigerated—two things I don’t want to happen when I want to impress.  The problem with cake batter is it needs to be baked right after it is made.  The leavening agent, the baking powder and/or baking soda, is activated immediately when liquid is added and loses its effectiveness as it sits.

Make-Ahead-Cake-Batter Cake with Fudgy Stove Top Frosting


I have figured a method where the batter can be made a day ahead and baked the day of, therefore cuts down on the work involved and leaves more time for other matters.  How is it done?  It’s actually quite simple.  I make the batter without the leavening agent, refrigerate it overnight, and add the ingredient (and a little liquid) just before baking the next day.  This is done simply with a hand whisk. The result, a perfectly risen fresh homemade cake with less work!

Make-Ahead-Cake-Batter Cake with Fudgy Stove Top Frosting 


And the frosting, it couldn’t be easier.  It too can be prepared the day ahead for use the following day, although I like to make it fresh.  It is made with sweetened condensed milk, butter, and chocolate chips on the stove top. This frosting is thick, rich, and a perfect accompaniment for this yellow cake.


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