Thanksgiving Time Savers! 27 Make-Ahead and Slow Cooker Recipes

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Even for experienced cooks, putting a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner on the table is a culinary challenge. People love lots of Thanksgiving side dishes, but the meal has turkey and gravy, which both need last-minute attention. Thanksgiving dinner is often a timing nightmare, but using a slow cooker is something that can really help. Another great Thanksgiving sanity-saver is making things ahead, then just reheating them or cooking them on turkey day.

Make-Ahead and Crockpot Thanksgiving IdeasImage: Kalyn's Kitchen

Creative cooks all over the Internet have been sharing make-ahead or crockpot recipes for Thanksgiving. Some of these recipes can even be made way in advance, frozen, and then cooked on turkey day. If you're cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner, check out the ideas I found, then if you have a good make-ahead or crockpot recipe that's suitable for Thanksgiving, please share the link or your recipe in the comments.


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