Make the Dressing Room Your Playground

Few things are as frustrating as standing under blaring fluorescent lights in a loud, crowded department store dressing room. Even worse is staring in the dressing room mirror with mountains of discarded clothing items that were either too big or too small surrounding you. As women of varying shapes, sizes, and tastes, we’ve all been there. It can be defeating; sometimes, we’d rather head to the coffee shop or movie theater than tackle a shift dress.

This is when you need to make that dressing room yours. You’ve already got the most important tool needed to make a shopping experience a good one: your unique curves! Now, bring your confidence, an open mind, and some reliable undergarments. You’ll be on the right track to a stress-free, successful shopping spree.

A House of Horrors

While your home closet might have soft lighting and perfectly placed mirrors, departments stores and boutiques will rarely have these comforts. Ever stood in front of a store mirror that makes your head look three sizes larger than your waist? Do some stores seem to assume their patrons have night vision? Trust me: I still double-check that price tag. Unflattering light and low-quality, distorted mirrors can make reality even more frightening. You need to realize these limitations; otherwise, you’ll be tricked the next time you step into the dressing room.

Once you grab something off the rack, the worst thing that can happen is for it to just not fit. It says size medium on the tag, so why does it fit like an extra small? This can create doubts about your size or shape in your mind, and that negativity can make your mood plummet for the entire trip. Talk about a shopping buzzkill.

Then, there’s the chance of not finding anything to try on at all! If you have a special event coming up, you might need something specific for the occasion. When your favorite department store isn’t carrying what you’re looking for, you leave with a big sigh and an empty hand.

Plan of Attack

In order to get out of a shopping slump, you need to plan ahead. Here’s how you can prep:

  • Make a list of shops you want to check out, but don’t hit only your tried-and-true stores. Be open to trying out new stores, and bring with you a positive attitude and a desire to experiment with different styles and fits!
  • Research online to see which new stores have opened up, what they carry, and which styles they offer that will be most flattering to your body. You can switch up your shopping spots, but stick to what looks best on you! Also, consider researching how the brand’s sizing compares to other brands you’re used to wearing.
  • Bring your best underwear. Really! Wear smooth undergarments that fit well. Not only will this boost your attitude, but the quality material will lie flat against your body and eliminate bumps and lines.
  • Prepare or consider spending more money than usual if you want a quality piece of clothing. Chances are the pieces that look best on your shape will be of higher quality — and carry slightly higher price tags.

The Perfect Fit

Have your experiences shied you away from even venturing into a store? These stores and brands are known for great customer assistance and a better shopping trip in general. With these names, you’re less likely to go wrong when you’re ready to update your wardrobe.

  1. 1.     Zappos: Zappos is an incredible online resource for shoes and clothing. They offer videos that describe the products (and feature models wearing them), detailed customer reviews, and, best of all, free shipping and returns. If your purchase doesn’t fit, you can rest easy, knowing you didn’t spend a chunk of change on transporting the dud.
  2. 2.     Target: The first positive point about Target? They’re everywhere! Also, they have a burgeoning line of exclusive styles from runway-famous designers. It can only mean more fashion for less expense.
  3. 3.     lululemon: This adored yoga brand only puts its products on sale when they’re being discontinued, so you never feel like you’re missing a sale. They also offer free in-store hemming. The clothes aren’t just for the yoga fanatic, either.

The one sure way to improve any dressing room experience is to develop confident, personal style. Possess confidence and believe that you look great in whatever situation you find yourself — whether it’s clothing-related or not. See your shopping trip as something personal for you to take part in. Use it as a form of self-expression, rather than see it as a chance to pick out a uniform or make an incongruous statement that hides the real you. Regard style in a personal sense, rather than being a slave to fashion and following all the trends. Make your own look that represents who you are!

No matter how you decide to make your shopping trip more enjoyable, remember that your day will always be influenced by your attitude and your confidence. Keep an open mind and a positive outlook, plan ahead, and be prepared to rock that dress better than any mannequin ever could! 


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