Make the Most of EVERY MOMENT! STEP 28 – PART TWO

If you have read my book, Stairway to Awesomeness, you are aware that the 28th Step is “Make the Most of Every Moment.” Looking back at it, I have realized that I did not elaborate enough on this very important Step.

Have you ever walked into a wall, a door, a window, a pole or even a PERSON because you were off in la la land and you weren’t really paying attention? I have physically walked into many of these things more than once throughout the challenges of my life! One time I walked into a corner of a wall at WORK... in front of clients! I laughed it off, and so did the clients and my co-workers, but I almost split the middle of my forehead open and ended up with a nice sized goose egg and a headache to go with it.  Another time I walked into a cement pillar. Another time I walked into a stop sign pole. Oh and another time I ran full force into a person (I was running, watching my feet), knocked myself out and landed flat on my back. These mentions are only a few incidents. There have been many. I guess you can say this is how I go through life sometimes... I get busy and I keep going and doing everything without REALLY taking time to pay better attention to my surroundings and then BAM... The powers that be teach me a little lesson... “STOP, SLOW DOWN, LOOK AROUND YOU and PAY ATTENTION!”

These incidents do not only happen physically. They happen figuratively too... when life throws you a curveball or hits you with another blow that affects you emotionally and mentally.

This year has been an awesome one and I am so grateful for that! However, I have spent A LOT of time turning my comic hobby into a business and writing my books and that has been no small feat. It’s been exhausting, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. I’m doing what I love and I’m living my dream. But like I said, it has consumed a lot of my time. Although I realize that all of this preliminary hard work is a necessary evil of being an entrepreneur, the last few weeks have taught me that I missed out on some precious moments with my family and friends. I have taken some things for granted. The number one thing being TIME.

Throughout the challenges of this year I have quite often not spent enough time with my special ones because I have been SO BUSY! I have managed to successfully balance almost everything, especially when it comes to my kids, but many other special people in my life have been pushed aside.

“Next year will be different, I will have more time.” This is what I have been telling myself and others.

Well, on the evening August 25th I received a text from my son. “Mom? Did you hear about Crystal?” Crystal is a very good friend of mine and that morning, she passed away. Wow! She was only 34! I couldn’t believe it and it’s still hard to believe. She fought a very short and hard battle with cancer. She had a surgery earlier in the summer and it was discovered that she had lung, liver and bone cancer. WTH!? The first thing I thought was, WHY didn’t she tell me?! I would have taken time to go see her. But talking to another friend of hers, I guess it all happened so fast, it was shocking, she thought she was going to beat it and her focus was on her son and her new husband. Of course it was. How selfish of me to think otherwise.

The most unfortunate part of this entire situation for me is, Crystal and I were extremely close when I lived in Ottawa. We lived, loved, laughed and celebrated life a lot together. However, when I moved to Kingston, we kinda grew apart. We still chatted online and visited each other from time to time, but she is one of my special ones that I pushed aside this year. She invited me to her wedding. It happened to fall on the same day as my daughter’s big dance recital so I declined. Looking back now, I could have done both that day. Yes, it would have been difficult and exhausting to rush and travel, but I could have made time. And I didn’t. Instead, I told her that I promised we would spend more time together when things weren’t so crazy and busy for ME. Well, little did I know, she did not have a lot of time left. And I took that for granted.


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