Make the most out of a Dollar Tree shopping trip.

Make the most out of a Dollar Tree shopping trip.

Small Print:

First thing we must do is read the small print.

Dollar Tree has many brand names that we see in larger stores, however the Dollar Tree is a bit different. That difference size the different sizes can make it difficult to shop if you are not reading your coupon correctly so read your coupon carefully to ensure proper sizes and descriptions.


Dollar Tree stores don’t always carry the same stock as each store is different if you are not sure call ahead and get to know the store manager ask for a list of products they carry you would be surprised how easily you could get a complete list. Just like in any store shopping trip scout the store you would be surprised how often the stock is a bit well unusually placed you may find popcorn in with paper products or candy with cleaning products. Search and take your time the benefits of possible free product are worth the hunt.

Store Policy:

Always carry the store policy when shopping. This time of year many of them are updated and having it with you will make the shopping process go smoothly for everyone. Dollar Tree coupon policy basics are the Dollar Tree accepts up to two printable manufacturer coupons and up to four newspaper coupons per person, per visit. You can’t stack coupons on a single product, and they don’t accept competitors’ coupons.

Dollar Tree Policy              

Dollar Tree Weekly Match-ups

*Take your store policy with you when shopping to avoid any troubles at checkout.

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