Make Santa's Foot Prints Around The Tree

Making Santa's Foot Prints

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Christmas is such a magical time of year!

We love everything about it! The lights, the snow, the gifts and food!  It brings a lot of joy and happy memories.

For a little extra Christmas fun we always make Santa's Foot prints around the tree.  The kids just light up when they see those prints.  It is almost like proof that Santa Clause was in their house delivering their presents!  To see their face light up is wonderful!

Making the print is simple, you need dark carpet or if you do not have dark carpet, I use a black blanket and spread it around under the tree.  Any darker color will work.

Spread out 1/2 - 1 cup of flour on a cookie sheet.

Using a large boot or shoe, press the bottom of the shoe into the flour, making sure the bottom of the boot or shoe is completely covered.

Now just press the prints on to your carpet or blanket to make it look like Santa was walking around the tree with snow on his feet.

Add the gifts under the tree, make sure to eat the cookies and drink the milk you left out for Santa also.  I forgot to do that one year and my oldest was a bit sad that Santa didn't eat his cookies.

Have fun with this little project.  The kids will love it!

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