Make sure to vote!

Earlier this year Rush Limbaugh called a young woman a "slut" because she used birth control. The Republican candidates for President and Vice-President have said that they would outlaw aboriton. Todd Akin made his very famous comment about "legitimate rape", and even though the economy is still in recovery, all the Republican members of congress seem to have any interest in is banning abortion/contraceptives and pulling funding from Planned Parenthood. As a woman I cannot stand for this beahvior. What I do with my own body is MY decision and NOT the governments!

Before women in the United States were given the right to vote, the women of this country fought long and hard for a woman's right to vote. Those women would be turning over in their graves if they saw the number of young women in this country who do not exercise their constitutional right! There are still women in other countries who are being opressed, who don't have the right to vote, and those women would give anything to have the rights that you have and that you chose not to exercise. 

When I was deciding what to call my blog about my life, particularly my love life, I decided to call it Adventures of a Proud Liberal Slut in honor of Mr. Limbaughs comment about women who use contraceptives. I figure if young sexually active women who use protection are "sluts" then I'm proud to be one of them! 

I know how I am going to spend my November 6, 2012.... I just hope the other American women out there will join me!

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