Make You Skin Soft

Use less have an angle have declined conversely if you feel you're not getting enough resistance increase Diego in go for it just a cautionary note it will make this point a few times this program don't overdo the angled outwards keep it degrees for less there's no great benefit to going past that going to increase the sets up to four for the advance program that means we're going to move through four Colon Rejuvenator sets a pain leg raises   reps than four sets have cable crunches  to  wraps and then we'll finish with four sets oblique cable crunches also for  to  reps is always watcher experts for perfect technique this is a great X size I love the hanging leg raise jumper step up into a high bar and hang freely making sure your feet don't touch the floor inhale and hold your breath as you bring your late slightly behind your body then quickly but smoothly raise them forward in upward as high as you can keep your legs straight but not lacked issue raised them at their peak slightly above parallel tithe ground.

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