Make Your Everyday Tile Extraordinary With Herringbone Patterned Tile

Herringbone for the Home for Floors and Walls

If you are thinking of putting in new floors in your home, incorporating a herringbone pattern into a floor or wall is the easiest, low cost way to add drama and instant impact to a room.  By laying out the tile or boards in a herringbone pattern, one does not incur any extra expense in materials, however,  the labor cost may increase slightly to account for the setup, depending on the type of materials used.  A herringbone patterned floor or wall is a great way take the ordinary and transform them into something spectacular, where the resulting look is expensive without putting an extra dent in your pocketbook.

Porcelain Tile Laid out in a Herringbone Pattern

The pictures below show relatively inexpensive porcelain tile but the manner in which the tile has been laid out on the floor adds visual interest by adding movement to the room, making it appear larger,  and also gives the illusion of luxury.
Image via Design Dump
Imagine the tile above laid out in a standard tile field.  It would definitely not be as interesting nor would it look as exclusive as it does now.  By the way, LOVE the Hicks pendants above hovering over the center of the galley kitchen.  
Image via Houzz
Even a simple matte black tile looks special when laid out in a herringbone pattern.
Nick Noyes Architecture via Houzz
The Design Atelier, Atlanta GA
Image via Home Decor Ideas

The tile above is made to look like a weathered wood, with the benefit of the durability of tile.  See my post on from a few weeks ago for tile with the look and feel of natural wood.  Here, not only does the tile have the benefit of looking like natural wood, but laying it out in a herringbone pattern only makes the look even that more special, and most importantly, without breaking the bank.

Marble Laid out in a Herringbone Pattern

Dodson and Daughter Interior Design via Decor Pad
Even though inexpensive materials  may be used in a herringbone pattern to create visual interest, who says that you can't go all out and use more expensive materials?  Doing so only makes a room look that more luxurious.  Take for instance the room above - the herringbone pattern invites the viewer standing outside the room, in.  Laying out the same tile in a standard pattern would not have the same effect.  In fact, the pattern above ties the room together.
New Ravenna Mosaics via Decorpad

Who says that herringbone patterned tile is reserved for floors?  It can be incorporated into any wall to create the same visual movement and feeling of luxury.  I love how the light is reflected off the herringbone marble walls above, in different angles.

Croma Design, Toronto ON, Canada 

Natural wood laid out in a Herringbone Pattern

While laying out porcelain tile and marble create a feeling of luxury to a room, I feel that laying out a natural wood floor in the same herringbone pattern also adds a feeling of understated elegance to a room.  
Image via Pinterest
Unlike tile or marble, a herringbone patterned floor looks as though it has been there for several decades and has lived to tell a few stories.  Oftentimes it actually has lived to tell a few stories, as more and more, wood is being reclaimed from old, abandoned buildings and repurposed to fashion entirely new spaces.  Take for instance the photo below.  Don't you love the gentle unevenness of each and every plank?

Antique french oak via Exquisite Surfaces
Wood floor image via Expensive Life

The way that the wood grain lines up and miters at each seam also gives a bit of a rustic feel, which lends itself to the recently very popular industrial chic kitchen

Architect Feilden Fowles, Image via Remodelista
Image via the beautiful soup
Commune Design, Chicago IL
The cheapest and easiest way to lay out a herringbone pattern is to purchase tile that is already laid out in a pre-positioned herringbone pattern on a mesh backing.  By purchasing the tile on a mesh backing, all the hard work of laying out the pattern has already been done and no extra charge would be incurred by your tile installer.  However, when using a bigger scale tile, one would need to lay out the tile planks  ahead of time and this may incur a special set up charge and extra labor, so keep this in mind when planning out your next project.  

My Picks of Herringbone Patterned Tile on Backing

(from up to down, left to right)

Hope you enjoyed this one.  Have a great day!