4 Simple Tips to Make Your Home More Secure

As a parent, there are so many moving parts to your daily routine. More often than not, home security falls off that ever-growing list. But with homes being broken into every 14.4 seconds, it is time to reevaluate your home security!

Keeping your children safe is important to you. Being a victim of burglary has many consequences on your life. You lose your possessions, but worst of all you lose your comfort in your own home. It takes some time to adjust to the tragedy of burglary, so let’s forgo that by taking preventative caution in securing your home.

1.  Lawn maintenance

Lawn upkeep is not the most glamorous chore, but it’s not without its perks. Keeping your bushes trimmed has two major positives. First, your lawn looks superb and gives your neighborhood an added boost. Second, it takes away a prime hiding spot for would be thieves.

Burglars lurk around houses that provide additional covering, such as overgrown bushes. It helps them stay undetected and gives them more time to enter your house without being noticed by your neighbors. By keeping your bushes trimmed, you are lessening the chances of your home being the target of burglary!

2.  Keeping status updates to a minimum

When you update your social media accounts with your location, you are also letting thieves know that you are away from your home. This gives them the chance to make an unwanted visit and steal your belongings!

Though it is tempting to let the cat out of the bag on where you are going, it can potentially welcome uninvited guests. The same goes with announcing vacation plans. When you are away on vacation, it’s best to let a limited number of people you trust know where you are going. Again, this reinforces the safety of your home from unsavory characters.

Also opt to hire a house sitter when you are away. It will cost you a few bucks but nothing compared to losing a household of goods.

3.  Set up an alarm system

One of the easiest and efficient methods to protect your home is installing an alarm system. Finding a home monitoring or security service that gives you 24-hour protection so that you can leave the heavy lifting to them should be your first step.

Should you be away and an intruder attempts to break in, the activated device (provided with a correlating service) will sound off and the authorities will be alerted. This happens as soon as the alarm is triggered so you can rest easy, knowing that immediate action will be taken in the event that something should occur.

A bonus of installing an alarm system is that it can provide a reduced rate on your home insurance, so talk to your carrier and see how you can save. Peace of mind and savings are an added benefit to any home.

4.  Motion Sensor Lights

In this day in age, we are a cutting back to save some money. It is commonplace to turn your outdoor lights off at night to save on energy. The problem with that is that it also attracts burglars because they think no one is home!

Having someone break into your home while you are there can be a detrimental experience for you and your family. But here's a quick and budget friendly fix: Install motion sensor lights!

Movement triggers the lights, so whenever something or someone enters its zone, the lights will turn on, shedding light on potential trespassers. These lights are a relatively inexpensive solution to keeping intruders at bay.

Home Protection: Worth Every Penny?

Keeping your family safe and happy is your main priority as a parent. It is also the reason why home security should be big on the list, too.

No family should have to endure the heartbreak of being the victim to theft. You lose your possessions and you also lose the security your home once gave you. The latter is very difficult to recover from and takes an adequate amount of time to do so.

Do your best to make sure that home invasion does not happen to your family. By maintaining your lawn, keeping your whereabouts off of social media, installing an alarm system, and mounting motion sensor lights, you will add so much more security to your home.

A secure home offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones while drastically reducing your odds of being burglarized. Protection for your family is an expense that should have no limits.


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