Make your own baby food - Meat

In case you missed part 1 you can find it here.

So I made chicken puree tonight and yes it looks as gross as it sounds, but oddly tastes just like mushy chicken.  Think the inside of a chicken croquet.

I had ZERO idea how to make chicken mush so I did what I’m assuming everyone else does and Googled it.  Pretty much you can cook the chicken anyway and do anything.  Not helpful at all.  So I decided to do it the best way I could think of; crockpot it!

I tossed about two pounds of boneless chicken thighs in the crockpot with barely enough water to cover and a tiny bit of basil for flavor. (Dark meat is recommended for babies because it’s higher in fat and higher in iron, even though white meat is higher in protein.) I turned it on high for four hours and then made a bunch of other baby food.  In four hours the chicken was pull apart juicy and tender.  I tossed the chicken into the food processer slowly adding the fluid from the crockpot until I achieved the consistency I was shooting for.  Then just put in ice-cube trays or containers and freeze.  Enjoy!



Place chicken thighs in crockpot

  1. Put just enough water to cover
  2. Turn on high for 4 hours or low for 8
  3. Remove chicken (reserve leftover fluid)
  4. Place chicken into a food processor
  5. Slowly add reserve fluid until desired consistency is met


Today I made 24 ounces of chicken, 22 ounces of butternut squash, 13 ounces of beets, 12 ounces of sweet potatoes, 10 ounces of pears, and 8 ounces of apples.  Baby food making win! 

We tried the chicken tonight and there was a lot of gagging.  I don’t think we are quite ready for all of the texture.  We’ll keep trying though!

While I was cooking Ms. E chomped on some raw apple and pear slices.    DSC_0099

Do you make your own baby food?  Do you BLW (baby led wean)?  What food combinations are your baby’s favorites?

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