Make Your Own Green Styling Product for Curly Hair

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[Editor's note: Got curly hair -- and have a tough time finding clean, green products to tame your mane? Amy from Tacoma of Green for the Rest of Us has an all-natural, healthy recipe she says will give you nice curls -- minus synthetic chemicals. -- Siel]

Homemade failure... and success!

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Most recipes I found on natural hair care sites were similar, and most involved combining a commercial styling product for curls (most with toxic ingredients) with natural oils. One person, however, wrote down this formula: holding gel + moisture + shine = voila! And that formula was the key. I realized that I have the ingredients on hand for the formula: Flax seed gel & beeswax + aloe & glycerin + natural oils/butters Here is the recipe I came up with:

Find that recipe -- plus more recipes for natural cleaning and conditioning hair products -- at Green for the Rest of Us.
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