Make Your Own Paper Lavendar Flowers

Lavendar Flower

 Hi Everyone,

 As promised to Viv, my latest blog follower (smile), today I am sharing a pictorial tutorial on how I make my lavendar flowers.  Please link to my blog if you are going to share with others.  You'll need 2 colors of A4 cardstock - number of sheets depends on how many flowers you want. You'll need glue, 2 flower punches an embossing tool to shape the flowers and lavendar seeds or dry crushed petals:


Need 2 types of punched out flowers, one large and one medium

- hand cut is ok - 

Need 2 large and 1 small for each flower - cardstock


Spritz with water


Turn over and spritz again


Until Soaked


Find a tool to curl the petals - I use a thin paint brush


Curl petal carerfully


Pinch enough to squeeze out a little water


Pinch all petals, then leave in to dry overnight or in the sun.

I like to be environmentally friendly where possible so I don't use heat tools

Dried flowers will look like this with very tight curls


To make one flower, turn over 2 large and 1 small


Cup each flower center until petals face up


Pull the petals out to give more volume



Add glue to the center of the first large one


Layer the second large one on top


Cup to stick together and to make a uniform shape


Add more glue


Layer with the last punched out flower


Get your lavendar seeds or dry petals and prepare to finish


Add a generous dollop of glue to hold the seeds


Lavendar Seeds


Pour onto the glue



Push gently into the glue which dries clear anyway


Decorate your flower with punched out leaves and

other accessories of your choice


As you can see it's quite simple.  Please give it a try and leave a comment on my blog with  a link to your flower if you decide to make one....


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