Make Your Own Paper Flowers

This is a tutorial on these beautiful paper flower balls that my husband and I made for our wedding. 

We made 100s. We had all sizes and all shapes (all shapes being two shapes - half sphere and sphere).

6C1C5011They were perfect. Wanna know how to make them?

Lucky for you, my mom and I made every single one... As I said before, 100s of paper flowers were all over our venues. Good news is they aren't hard to make and not even that time consuming if you only need a couple.

Things you need:
- Paper of choice (any size as long as it can be cut into squares)
- Glue (We used Tacky Glue but regular liquid glue will get the job done)


Optional: - Clothespins (This made our process MUCH faster but not necessary if you're only making a few)

Now for the mathematicians out there.... Each flower is made up of 5 squares. Each sphere is made up of 12 flowers. This means that you need (5 x 12) 60 squares in order to make (1) ONE flower ball.

Size can vary. I have made three sizes - 3", 4", and 6".

IMG_3149Left: 3" half sphere || Right: 4" half sphere IMG_3154Left: 3" sphere || Middle: 4" sphere || Right: 6" sphere IMG_3158This last photo is the 3" square compared to the 4" square

1st: Cut your paper to size. A paper cutter will help to get them perfect, but it is not necessary.

2nd: Fold your first pedal like so...


3rd: Glue each side of the pedal together. Be careful not to pinch the tip (unless you're going for the pointed look).


4th: Repeat step 2 until you have 60 pedals - 30 if you want a half sphere - 5 if you want one flower


5th: Once all pedals are made it is time to glue the flower together

IMG_3178IMG_3179IMG_3180IMG_3181IMG_3182IMG_3183 IMG_3185

6th: Once you have all flowers glued together you can continue gluing to make a sphere. This is the step where I would recommend clothespins. They help keep the flowers together so you can set them down and walk away or work on folding other flowers.

And you're done! If you're crazy like me and want to decorate your wedding with these beautiful colorful balls, repeat 347 times... and then figure out what to do with them when the weddings is over. Oh, and share your ideas with me!


Good news is - after all that flower making I have definitely mastered this craft. If anyone needs me to whip up a flower or two just let me know. I charge $10 per pedal.... Yes, that's $600 per ball... Ha! But seriously, if you really want me to make you some flowers? Email me: kelsey {at} and we'll talk.

Have questions? Leave a comment!

How to Make Paper Flowers


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