Make Your Own Shower Fizzies

I used to make bath bombs a lot, you know like the kind you can buy at Lush.  And I do take a lot of baths and they are great to give as gifts.  But in the summer I take more showers than baths in general because of the heat.  So it's nice to have something that can be a treat in the shower too.  Shower fizzies are almost identical to bath bombs except that you don't have to use oil (in fact using oil makes your shower floor a bit slippery, so it's really for the best).  What's great about shower fizzies is that they give a a burst of aromatherapy and help wake you up (if you use oils like eucalyptus, citrus or peppermint) or relax you (if you use a lavender oil for example).  I've had a wicked sinus infection, so I decided to make a batch of peppermint shower fizzes to try and clear my sinuses a little.  Think of it as a more pleasant dose of Vick's VapoRub. Simply place it on the floor of your shower and as the water hits it, the shower will be filled with a scented cloud of essential oil goodness.

Keep in mind, there are lots of recipes for bath bombs on the web which will work equally well for your shower. Many contain corn starch and or epsom salts (which isn't necessary but does act as a softening agent for the tub) as well as oils like almond or olive. This recipe I've put together is a pared down recipe since I'm not going to be soaking it, just benefiting from the scents.

So, without further ado.  Here's what you'll need if you'd like to make your own. For this recipe I made Peppermint Shower Fizzies. (This makes around 8, half-dome bath fizzies - you can cut the recipe in half to make less)



You will need:

  • 2 cups Baking soda
  • 1 cup Citric acid
  • 20 Essential oils (for this recipe I used peppermint oil)
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 4-6 drops food coloring (I used green food coloring for peppermint)
  • Eye dropper and mixing bottle
  • Mixing bowl
  • Foil if you'd like to wrap them

Mix baking soda and citric acid.


Shake together (in a mixing bottle of some kind,) water, food coloring and essential oil or oils if you want to add two mixed together (total should be around 20 drops for this recipe).  Add the mixture to dry ingredients very slowly.  Add a few drops and stir.   Then add a few more drops and stir.  I cannot stress this enough.  Do not pour, drip a little at a time.  Some people use a spray bottle, this works as well.  If you add too fast the reaction starts and it will start to fizz and your batch is ruined.  If you see a bit of fizzing, immediately cover the fizzing with the rest of the dry ingredients.   Stir like crazy as you go.  You can also use a mixer like a Kitchen Aid to do the mixing if this is easier, it's just quite messy.  Patience and adding the wet mixture very slowly will get you there.  This is where the eye dropper comes in if you feel it is going in too fast - you can add a few drops at a time, stir, add more, stir and so on.


Once your mixture is damp all the way through, not wet, damp, stop adding any of the water mixture.  The consistency you are looking for is such that it holds together when you squeeze it together in your fist.


Use your mold to scoop out the mixture.  I used a plastic Christmas ornament ball you can find from a craft store like Michael's.  Something like a plastic Easter egg would also work.  Pack the mixture into one half of the ball as tightly as you can.


Wait a minute or so and gently release the formed half-ball.  You can generally tap it out or squeeze the sides a tiny bit to release it.  Release it onto a paper towel or plate to dry, somewhere it can't get wet. To be safe, let them dry overnight in a dry place where they can't get damp. Once they are damp the reaction with start.


You don't need to do this, but I like to keep mine in a jar in the bathroom.  I wrapped these ones in candy foil.  You can find colored foil online at candy supply stores or at Michael's in the wedding section.  Aren't they pretty?  They make a great gift as well.

Shower fizzies or bath bombs can be wrapped in colorful foil and displayed.


Essential oils:  Whole Foods, health food stores and online. I like to get mine from Puritan's Pride because they often run buy 2 get 3 free specials or buy 1 get 1 free.  They also have a huge selection of oils.

Molds for making the bath bombs or shower fizzies:  A craft store usually has them, like Michael's.  Also eBay.  If you search for bath bomb mold.  You can also use something you have around the house, like a plastic Easter egg.

Foil:  Michael's or craft store.  Generally in candy making or wedding supply sections.

Citric Acid:  I get mine from eBay because I tend to make big batches.  But if you aren't sure how often you'll be doing this, you can often find it at health food store.  Some more sources are here. To see what essential oils are best for stress, relaxation etc. find some basic information here.


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