Make your workout playlist the coolest one in the gym


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Here are four awesome songs that will a) pump you up for a solid workout and b) not drive you crazy. Because overproduced, throbbing pop beats—interspersed with bad local commercials—get so old, so fast.

M.I.A. - “Matangi”

Do you want more?
Do you want more?
Do you know what I got in store?

White Denim - “At Night In Dreams” 

Come on, does this intro not make you feel like you could run circles around everyone else on the track?

Ezra Furman - “Tell ‘Em All to go to Hell”

I’m blown like a leaf ‘cross the United States
By a force that’ll grab you and throw you away

Shoutout to Bar/None Records, my office neighbors until I left NJ, on this one. They’re some of THE best people in the business, especially this girl (Emmy, I miss you so damn much!)

Chvrches - “Lies”

First discovered this trippy video via Stereogumand am admittedly still a liiiiiiittle biased in favor of this lovely band after working their EP with deze peeps early in the year.

Also, still halfway convinced the actual refrain lyrics are “I get cellulite,” rather than “I can sell you lies.”

What’s been on *your* workout playlist lately?

 Note: this post originally appeared on Eat Well. Party Hard.


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