Makeover Monday: Recycled Pallet Wood Dressing Room

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I'm not crazy about hanging up clothes. Truly, I've had this "issue" since ... forever.

So when a blank wall kept staring at me while my clothes were slung all over my bed, I came up with a plan. I dreamt the wall was loaded with hooks so I could merrily throw my clothes against it like some carnival game, hoping they'd catch! Fun! 

First up I needed some wood. I'm an avid collector of pallet wood and here's the stash that was destined for a new home.

I didn't do all that much measuring as you'll soon see why. However, there were some pieces that had to be cut down to size. My trusty miter saw on the patio did the trick. If you don't have one of these, you totally need one.

First up, I painted the wall with an eggshell white.

Want a wonderful tip for achieving the perfect white? Get the paint store to add two drops of their dark brown mix to it. The colour is still white but the icy undertones are removed!

I was going after a strapping look, that's why I wanted the wall white. You know strapping right? Old fashioned houses had drywall over plaster and slats of wood. I realize that most try to remove that old stuff from their homes, but I add it.

Anyway, I chose my strapping design to run vertical because I hadn't seen that done before. This is why there wasn't all that much cutting to do. I just fit it all in like a puzzle and screwed the boards in with my cordless drill.

Each board got hit with a level before considering it done so the lines didn't go wonky on me. Ohhh, pretty!

So, the way I work, anything goes. Hooks of all types were desired so I did a thrift store shop as well as a snoop through the garage and came up with some interesting old relics to try.

In case you're curious, my thrift store runs are truly to find the junk that no one else wants. Just means more for me!

Ready for a little bit of crazy?!? Here you go!

And you know those times you have a special outfit in mind? This works too.

But I wasn't done yet. This corner use to have a big honkin' TV on a trunk. It was hideously big for the room, so my son was happy to take it off my hands. Yay, more play room!

I officially no longer envy those with walk-in closets because my entire room is one now!

The ladder is a wonderful way to hold jeans and the doorway to the ensuite is perfect for shirts.

Closet? What's that again?!?

Thank-you BlogHer, for letting me come out and play with a fun new winter home project! You can see a ton of other junky projects on my blog at Funky Junk Interiors.

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