Makin' News Monday: "Jesus Had a Bunny Named Easter"

It feels good to be back after a week without writing. Most kids had spring break last week, which meant having all three of my boys at home, going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2  (its like watching an all white version of my family), and trying to clean up my yard in preparation for spring. Now that the flowers have been planted and weeds have been ousted I can get back to what enjoy most...sharing with you what's making news in this rain soaked world of ours---if you happen to live somewhere that is dry and sunny give me your address so I can come for a visit.

Yesterday marked the resurrection of Jesus from the dead for most Christians, but in my house, like in many others, we celebrated something more sacred and traditional...the exchange of brightly colored baskets laced with candies, chocolates, and egg themed know Easter!

The Easter Bunny during some down time

 During a pre-Easter brunch, at my father-in-laws, someone logically raised the question why we celebrate Easter, and what the heck a bunny has to do with it. My 12 year old son Tyler wryly retorted, "Jesus had a bunny, and his name was Easter". Apparently half the country was wondering the same thing since online searches for "Easter bunny origin" and "Easter bunny tradition" nearly doubled over the past 24 hours.

We all shared a good laugh for his well-timed answer, but it got me thinking about how we as parents come up with all sorts of stories and legends to explain everything from the Tooth Fairy to our beloved Santa Clause. Tyler has known from a very young age that the man in the big red suit was nothing more then an elaborate ploy to get kids to behave all year, lest they be threatened by lumps of coal in their stockings.

Bryson, on the other hand, still believes in jolly old Saint Nick, partly because it is important to my husband to keep his sense of innocence before he enter school and the world swiftly crushes it. I get it, I think its sweet that he sends a list  to Santa each year in hopes of being "good" enough to get everything on it. But when he asked me last night, "Why didn't the Easter Bunny come" all I could do was mutter a shameful "I don't know" and pray there would be no followup questions.

We are not religious at all, so we can't point to this as a deeply rooted part of our faith. Easter, like most other holidays, has become so ingrained in our culture we've lost the meaning of why it even began. At least if I adhered to my Catholic School upbringing I would have some way to explain to my kids why Easter is of importance. Instead, I think next year I'll be more prepared with an answer similar to the truth.

How do you explain the meaning of Easter to your kids?

Hopping through Boyland,