Making Big Blunders at Your New Job

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[Editor's Note: Check out CareerDiva's take on this big gaffe on live television that truly tanked a new producer's job. See why making mistakes isn't the problem, it's what you do with the mistakes you make that makes all the difference. - Paula G]

Screwing Up At Your New Gig

The Internet is all a twitter this morning over a gaffe made by the editor-at-large of Time on the Morning Joe show today. But it may be a newly hired, behind-the-scenes producer that takes the fall.

The editor, Michael Halperin, who is also an analyst for MSNBC, said: “I thought he was a dick yesterday,” referring to the President’s behavior during his press conference. Apparently, everyone around the Morning Joe table thought they were operating under a delay and the word “dick” could be cut out. Alas, it was not.

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