Making College Transcripts

I found a good example of a high school transcript on the HSLDA website.  It is approved for Virginia Colleges.  Joy filled my heart.  The only problem is, it’s not an empty form, but no matter, Beerhound is an expert at creating forms.  He uses enough of them at work.  He develops them in order to  keep track of manpower hours per individual projects, like refueling a nuclear aircraft carrier.  Although he did complain when I asked him to help me and then gave me a blank stare as if he had never heard of spreadsheets, or transcripts, let alone the fact that we have home schooled for 17 years.

A thought for the future: He will pay when he’s in a wheel chair and I have to take care of him.  The day will come.  The energy of the universe would not deny me one small joy.

The form includes Mo/Yr,  Course Title,  Final Grade,  Credits Earned, and Grade Level.

It has places for School of Record Information, Student Information and previous schools attended.  In Virginia, high school and home schooled kids are allowed to attend any of our community colleges.  The universities in our area, (Norfolk – we have four), even allow home school students to audit classes.

A summary by year, A grading table with grade points.

At the end is a box for Cumulative Summary, including Total Credits, GPA Credits, GPA points and Cumulative GPA.

The bottom of the paper contains the statement: “We, John and Julie Smith, do hereby certify and affirm that this is the official transcript and record of Jane Smith in the academic studies of 2007-2011.”  Obviously you would use the years you actually home schooled.  There is a place for both parents to sign and a place for a notary public to sign if you need one.  David and I both have degrees so we will include those at the end of our signature.

I would suggest using the grading scale of the school system in which you reside.  Most state universities and colleges already know most district scales.  It makes it easier for your child to compete. In Norfolk, thank god, we use the 10 point system.

Once I complete Emma’s transcripts and Beerhound puts them to paper.  I’ll scan them so you can see how I did it.

First I have to finish playing solitaire on my computer.



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