Making Date Art

Creating Subway Inspired ‘Date Art’ Using Word

I have been seeing a lot of art using important dates around lately and I was inspired to make one.  However – all the tutorials I read used Photoshop to create them.  I don’t have Photoshop (insert sad face) so I decided to try to use Microsoft Word to create my own. I started with figuring out the dates I wanted to use.  I have seen all kinds of different ones (family members birthdays, kids birthdays, wedding dates, etc). I decided on using the day Mike and I met, our first casual get together, date we were officially a couple, engagement date, and wedding day.

I then determined good margins to fit my frame (and 8 by 10 frame so I changed the top and bottom margins to .30 and the side margins to .75), typed the dates I wanted and changed the font to one I liked.  I used Bell MT simply because it was the font I used on our wedding invitations.  I made the font as large as I could so that it would span across the page (160).  This took a few tries to get it just right.

After I did this I had very large gaps between the lines of type which I didn’t like.  I wanted the line close together and because the font was so large the spaces were as well.

So I had to adjust my method.  I decided to use text boxes instead of the normal type so I could adjust their size and location as I needed.  You can find these under that ‘Insert’ menu on the top tool bar in Microsoft Word.

I always use the simple text box for projects like this.  The most important thing to do is to format the text box so there is no fill color and no line color.  To do this just right click on the text box and go to ‘Format Text Box’.

Then, adjust the settings to ‘No Color’ and ‘No Line’.  After that you can manipulate the boxes to move them where ever you want, overlapping to get them close together.  You can see how much the text boxes over lap, but since there is no fill color in the box the type isn’t affected at all.

I have seen all kinds of different color schemes on art like this.  I chose to do an ombre with blue hues because it matches the blues I use in my house.  Other really cute ones have all dates in the same color with one (like the wedding date) standing out in a different one.

I printed mine on a cream linen paper that I had left over from out wedding invitations.  I don’t particularly like the chunky frame and want to change it out….but I’ll leave that for another day.

In the end I have a great piece of (free!) art that is wrapped and waiting for Mike as a ‘just because’ gift.

*Update – see it all finished in a new frame here*


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