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Making a Difference by Taking AIM Making a difference is what it’s all about!  You can make a difference! Visualize this – an African village woman listening to an inspirational message – her eyes wide open as she “sees” for the first time how her “poverty mentality” has kept her living in squalor… She listens again and again… She feels the power within herself to take steps to change her life. 

As this woman feels more inspired, experiencing her own magnificence, she savors life more fully… Now, she’s listening to other messages about caring for her family… and listening even more, she discovers how she how she can market the exquisite baskets she weaves – Wow! She may even be able to sell her beautiful crafts over the Internet together with other women in her village. 

You see… being a woman, she has shared these audio messages with her friends, family and others in the village.  Each of them has listened to the inspiring, empowering messages several times.  As others in the village and neighboring villages see how much energy and enthusiasm these village women have, they want to know how this happened… and the life-enhancing messages spread farther and faster. 

How does this happen??  You see… this villager could be one the fortunate women in South Africa (SA) who has access to the Leading Women of Africa’s Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP).  Working together, 1000 Women and LWA are pooling resources to build virtual teams in SA to develop and deliver audio information modules – AIM – to women in SA villages.   

Women – with expertise in specific areas – mentors – record inspiring, enlightening, empowering presentations on digital audio files.  This information is uploaded onto handheld MP3 players, and the players with AIM are delivered to women in the villages to listen to and to share with others.  Just think of the impact this can have! 

Think about all the lives that can be enriched, enhanced, improved – Women coming more alive! Embracing life! Being more productive! Feeling good about themselves! Being empowered and empowering others!  

With your help - We can take AIM anywhere in the world – desserts, mountains, jungles – Anywhere – anytime! That’s beauty of AIM!  

Working together, we can create a whole new world for women AND their families  AND their communities… all while we save the planet. 

Come into your own magnificence and to share your gratitude with other women – your beauty, spirit, wisdom, joy and power.  Together, we have the power to create a whole new world!  

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Contact: Paula Constantino or 443-482-9046 for more information.

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