Making the International Move

Making the decision to uproot your family and move over seas is not an easy decision to make. But it can be made easier with a little research.

Before we even got engaged, my boyfriend (now husband) and I discussed the topic of possibly moving. We knew that the process wouldnt be a simple one but we knew that we were ready for it. Our first step was finding a way to transport our belongings, and needed an option that also worked with our shipping budget of $1000.

We looked into the usual trusted shippers, UPS, FedEx, and USPS ( US Postal Services). Here's what we found:

UPS for a 50lb box: $1,225.01 or $24.50 per pound.

FedEx for one box: $906.52 or $18.13 per pound.

USPS for one 50lb box: This option did not accept packages with our weight and size.

After we got the prices, my parents recommended that we look into shipping from our church. The church price per pound was $0.70 and our boxes ranged from 45lbs to 60lbs. So based on this price, a shipment of different sized boxes came to $315-420.

Next, we looked at the time it would take to ship from US to Belarus. The trusted shippers gave us a time allowance of about 2 weeks and with the church it would be closer to 4 months. I know what everyone is thinking " there is a big difference between 2 weeks and 4 months!" But we had planned out that we would be shipping items that we wouldn't need right away. (We would be flying in May so we didnt need our winter stuff yet.)

The final choice was shipping from our church.

With the cost of boxes, packaging tape, waterproof clothing bags, and black markers our cost came close to $950. So, if you are thinking of moving overseas or even if the move is a few blocks from where you currently live, I recommend setting up a plan to work with. Set up a budget, do some research and go from there.

Have a great move!


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