Making Meatballs and Other Ways God Makes Me Uncomfortable

     We all like to be comfortable.  We like soft sheets, clothes without scratchy tags, food that makes us say "Mmm"; we even talk to others about how comfortable they are.  "How are you guys doing?"

"Good, you?"

"We're good."


It's all about how good things are, how nice we feel, and if we feel safe, loved, cared for, comfortable.  These things are not bad, but they're not the point of this life, either.  Jesus didn't say, "Please live your life in a way that makes you the most comfortable."  He also didn't promise us that we would always have everything that we ever wanted, or that we will always be healthy and happy.  Those are things that we wish for other people in this life, but if you really think about it, are those the things that we should want for eachother?  If we are really pursuing a life worth living, are those the things that we should hope for?  

     2 Timothy 3:12 says this: Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.  To be perfectly honest, this doesn't sound like a lot fun, and it sure doesn't sound comfortable or nice.  We should desire to follow Jesus, but that doesn't mean our lives will always be amazing, and in fact, it means that we will suffer in some way for our beliefs.  That doesn't make them not worth having, but it does mean that believing in God comes with a price: losing our comfort so that we may follow God.  

     Matthew 16:24 says: Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.  We are to follow.  Wherever God would lead us, that is where we should go.  If that means we have to make sacrifices, or give up soft sheets and expensive meals, we should do that.  If that means we have to give up things that other people might consider "necessities", then we should do that.  If that means we might look foolish to others, we should do that.  Only you know what God is calling you to; just don't walk away from it because it makes you squirm a little bit.  There is good stuff in the making.  He is bringing you away from your comfort zone to bring you closer to Him.  I think most of us don't want to hear "deny yourself"; that's why diet is a dirty word with many people, divorce is rampant, and we have things like Facebook where people can glorify themselves and everyone can comment on how amazing they are.  

     Trust me, I am not immune to wanting comfort.  I live in a house I never would have dreamed of when I was a kid growing up in a single wide trailer.  I am wearing my softest tee shirt, and I have my back door open so I can feel a nice breeze coming through my living room.  In fact, at this very moment, I wish I had a chocolate bar sitting here next to me, and a hot cup of tea.  I wish my kids weren't fighting so I could focus on my words that I am typing.  I wish I was more comfortable.  

     Two nights ago, I couldn't sleep.  I was exhausted in the way that a mother of four with a nursing child is exhausted.  I have gotten an average of 4-6 hours of sleep per night for most of a year and I'm never not tired.  I'm not one of those people who just needs less sleep.  But, there I was, with my eyes burning and my mind racing.  I laid in bed and prayed to God, "Why am I awake?"  This is something a mentor of mine said in the past, and it has always been the case that God gave me something when I've asked.  I couldn't stop thinking about a family at our church, one that we don't know very well, and we haven't seen in awhile.  After praying, I knew I was supposed to make them a meal and drop it off at their house the next day.  I prayed, "If I am really supposed to make them a meal, please let me remember tomorrow."   I fell asleep right after that.  When I woke up, the first thought in my mind was, "You are supposed to bring a dinner to that family tonight."

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