Making My Own Schedule to be a Grandmother!

Finally! I've been trying to blog for 4 months now. And I put my foot down( in my head) last night and told myself monday it's going to happen. Well I'm glad I didn't lie again. My new years resolution was to make time for me and to stop being on call for my kids and grandkids. Don't get me wrong I have a 3 year old grand son and 2 1/2 year old granddaughter that I just love spending time with. I've cancelled my plans to babysit for them since they've been born. Then when I needed their mothers (my daughters) to do something for me and they had no problem telling me no! I was so hurt and mad. Then I just prayed on it and told myself what goes around comes around. And then I started babysitting when I wanted to. It wasn't easy because I live with my mother who happens to be 71 and sickly. But they would try to go behind my back and ask her to keep them. My mom can't even stand up straight. I do everything for her so how dare you. She's so medicated some days she sometimes sleeps in her recliner all day. So when she agreed to baby sit I made the kids keep waking her up. It wasn't being mean, they looked at it like playing a game with their great grandmother. I had to let her know not to interfere when in my relationships with my daughters.  Now they call and ask to speak to me to see if I feel like keeping them. I even call them when I haven't seen their cute little faces. My grandson calls almost every night before his bedtime. I usually call my grandson to come over to eat dinner with us. We also make homemade pizza together. He's very good in the kitchen to be so little. He loves raw veggies because of our time in the kitchen. My roll as grandmother is so important to me. These 2 little people are going to love me no matter what. I can sing every song on the Nickjr channel. Dino Dan, Dora, Yogabagaba, Freshbeat band and my favorite Bubble Guppies(I like the song they sing when its time to go outside the school). I feel some mothers don't relize how much power they have as far as making  their son grow up to be repectful to women. My grandson is so polite, he helps with bags, opens doors, ask you how you feel if you look sick. I so proud of him for doing that. I'm going to save some for later. It's almost time for major crimes to come on TnT. NewTina  


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