Making A Noodle Cabbage Stir Fry With Broccoli And Chicken

I used to love Chinese take-out, but these days I cannot afford to eat out!  A few years ago I rediscovered my love for making simple meals, and I try to make these exciting and creative as possible.  Many Chinese take out places offer lomain noodle dishes, and I make something similar by using an old college stand-by: two boxes of cup of noodles.  

To make this dish I first microwaved two cup of noodles, and poured the heated contents into a pan.  Next, I chopped up a head of broccoli, a large bell pepper, some chicken left-over from another meal, and chili powder and minced garlic to add a bit of spice.  I stir fried these ingredients until the moisture evaporated, and then I added the chopped cabbage to fry it for a few minutes. Any vegetable ,tofu, or left-over meats can be added to a stir fry with two cup of noodles as the base, which is much cheaper than take-out!

Also, try making a stir fry with lomain noodles if you do not like all the sodium in the cup of noodles.  I find that if I am making a large patch of this stir fry I really do not notice the sodium as much because I am adding so many vegetables to it.


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