Making other people’s recipes

Last weekend I made other people’s recipes.  I read so many food blogs and cookbooks, and take cooking classes in which I get great recipes, that I simply decided to rely on others.

I started by making a great raw bread recipe from Bitt of Raw.

Bitt's Basic Buckwheat Bread

I made a sandwich with Christine’s zucchini hemp humus, romaine lettuce, a slice of tomato and spiralized cucumber.

Bitt of Raw's bread + The Raw Project's zucchini-hemp humus = DELICIOUS!

Then I decided that my non-Easter dinner (I’m Buddhist) would include dishes from the chefs who led the two recent raw classes in which I participated.

First, a  fabulous raw mock mashed potato dish from Andrea McNinch

Mashed Potatoes (jicama base)

and her raw twist on french fries.

Avo-Fries (avocado dredged in ground flaxseed)

And, finally, a modification of Russell James‘ raw pasta

Macadamia Mozzarella "pasta"

from his e-book “The Raw Chef’s 5 most Popular Recipes.”

Yes, yes, I am aware that this dinner doesn’t scream “theme” or even make sense in any real way.  I wanted to try raw fries, I wanted to try raw mashed potatoes and I wanted to try raw “mozzarella” pasta. And mostly, I wanted to try other people’s food.

While I was making other people’s recipes on Easter, a few folks were making my recipes!

Thanks, JodyLynn and Tawney (love your Peter Rabbit plate)! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipes!

Readers, what recipes have you tried recently from food blogs or cookbooks?  Feel free to share links! By the way, I moderate posts with links so be patient, I will approve it (if you’re not spamming me!) when I return from a fun, “raw” afternoon in Arizona…more on that later!

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