Making Peace with Tomatoes


I hate raw tomatoes. Always have.

And I hate it that I hate tomatoes because it’s made my life so complicated. I mean, what vegan doesn’t like raw tomatoes?

I thought I had passed on my distaste for raw tomatoes to my daughter. It’s not like I wanted to but it’s been kind of convenient that we both shared this aversion to raw tomatoes.

At least until one day recently when my daughter told me, rather sheepishly, that she tried tomatoes again and that she liked them. If this beautiful person who came from my womb can learn to like tomatoes, maybe I can too.

Ever since this day I've been trying to come to peace with my hatred for tomatoes. It's not been an easy journey, but I think I've figured it out. I still don't *like* tomatoes, but I don't hate them either. Don't you think that's progress?

For more details on this story, read my post on Learning to Like Tomatoes.


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