Making Slow and Steady Improvements Step 4 In Defining Your Wellness Path

Defining Your Wellness Path Step 4

Continue to keep your eye on the big picture, however, I also want you to focus on small victories. Step 4 in defining your wellness path is about making slow, but steady improvements. So take the time to congratulate yourself on your small successes. Maybe you have decided to park further away from work, taken the stairs instead of the elevator, or skipped that second helping at dinner. Did you realize you were retraining your brain in the process?

As you become more and more conscious of your wellness path you will find yourself truly embracing this step. If you haven't already, it is time to begin with small triumphs you can clearly define and are personal to you. Skip fast food for a week. If you haven't been exercising, walk 10 minutes every day and gradually build up your time. Pack healthy snacks instead of using the vending machine. These may seem like baby steps, but over time you will produce new physiological changes in every single cell of the body. Let your body send out healthy, good messages!

TIP: If you tend to be a procrastinator or view life in a negative manner, be aware of why you are doing so. Is it because you are simply uncomfortable with change? Outsmart yourself by inventing a strategy to get you past the rough patches. If placing a plate of cookies on the counter for your children after school is a temptation, then select something that isn't such a red flag for you. Place your alarm clock across the room if you know you will be tempted to hit the snooze button. The point is being aware. Be aware of ways to support your path to a healthier you.



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