Most people simply get up day in and day out and do the same things over and over without really thinking much about what they are doing. I think that can be a good thing. We need to be automatic in many of the things we do. Routines we follow can be a very good thing if they are good routines….Not to have to use mental energy to think too hard about them and just do them can be good to keep balance and harmony in our lives……And yet, there are times that we simply need to change things a bit…..Look at our goals and visions for our lives……Decide if what we are doing is working for our lives or not….Sometimes we need to make some changes or at least a tune up…..

Seasons change in life….Life is about Seasons…..And we need to change with the season. If we wear a bathing suit in the Wintertime we are going to likely freeze as well as look inappropriate……Life is like that…..We need to be aware of when the Seasons of life are changing or have changed and make decisions that apply accordingly……Those who don’t change usually run into resistance in life or a place called “Stuck….” Stuck is usually a place where one has stayed too long and is no longer getting what they need in life from where they are at …..Perhaps they are trying to stay in a Season that is no longer there….Every Season has its beauty if we are willing to embrace it and let go of the previous season….

Often we simply need to look at our life and decide if what we are doing is working or not working and make changes accordingly……Sometimes what worked for a long time no longer is applicable at the same level now…Sometimes our goals, visions, or even our dreams need to be updated or changed…….Sometimes we just simply need to refine our goals……

Change can be fun, although unsettling for many. Most people simply like the familiar and to continue doing what they have done all along…even when it doesn’t work in their best interests anymore….Updating our lives includes updating our goals, visions, and dreams as well as the way we go about them…..

Life is meant to be happy and full…..and in order to create a happy life we often have to continually be on the lookout for change….


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