Making Your Case: Persuasive Writing 101

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Emily Paster

Bloggers are an opinionated bunch and they love getting others to agree with them. Whether you are trying to raise awareness of a cause that you believe in or simply working to promote a brand or sponsor, you need to convince your readers that your position is correct. But do you know the secrets of persuasuasive writing? Do you know how to use facts and relevant authorities to support your argument? How do you handle oppsing viewpoints?

Lawyers are experts at persuasive writing. They spend years in law school and in practice learning how to craft arguments and advocate zealously for their clients. Now you can learn the secrets of writing like a lawyer without spending years toiling away in the law library.

In this session, blogger, legal writing professor and former appellate lawyer for the City of Chicago, Emily Paster, will teach you the secrets of persuasive writing. Emily will explain how to structure your argument; how to marshal relevant facts and existing authorities to support each one of your points; and how to distinguish opposing viewpoints in a way that preserves your credibility with your audience.

Emily is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. Following clerkships with two federal judges, Emily joined the City of Chicago Law Department where she represented the City in state and federal appellate courts. After having her second child, Emily left the Law Department and now teaches an upper-level legal writing class on advocacy.  Emily‚Äôs students consistently give her strong evaluations and credit her with helping them take their writing to the next level.

You will leave the session with specific tools and tips to make your writing stronger, more compelling and, of course, more persuasive. These techniques will enhance your ability to work with brands, to advocate for issues that you care about and to make the transition from digital media to print.