Malala Yousafzai: Champion for Humankind

I was halfway to work when the story of Malala Yousafzai being shot in the head by the Taliban began.  I turned my radio up although I could hear it just fine.  I needed to hear the painful Pakistani tale loudly for some reason.

She was a bright girl.

She wanted to learn.

She had been promoting education for girls, and children's rights.  And all this was stopped by a bullet shot into her head which exited through her shoulder.  Shot by a member of the Taliban who wanted her message stopped. Shot by a member of the group who has deemed her "obscene" for wanting to get an education.

Shot through my heart that was bleeding anger and disgust.

Later that day I read a post by a BlogHer member and a phrase she wrote sat with me: ""I have to point out here that this programme boiled my piss."  Yeah.  It fit.  The unconscionable actions by the Taliban against Malala boiled my piss.  It's still boiling.

As someone who feels like she was saved, maybe reborn or renewed, by her own educational process, you can bet your life it's boiling.

So, I've not decided what my counteraction to the Taliban's cowardly attack on that precious girl's body will be, but this is a start.  However I can promise you, it's not the finish.


 Photo from Ikhraff Qaiser of Lahoripoint


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