'Maleficent' Movie Review: Why did she curse that innocent infant?

No Spoilers Here... just a few peeks at the lucious imagery of Disney's latest.



Opulent opening scenes of Disney’s Maleficent introduce viewers to a very “Lord of the Rings” landscape as young Maleficent frolics in The Moors with the other faeries and magical creatures.


Maleficent Creatures


The story, a la Wicked, explains the Sleeping Beauty tale from Maleficent’s point of view and we learn how human greed and thirst for power changed the young fairy, causing vengeful feelings to fester. Hence her crashing the royal christening party to curse the infant Aurora.


infant Aurora


We are with Maleficent, watching Aurora grow up carefree in the woods as we learn, like in the real world, things are not quite so black and white or pure good and evil. 



By the time Aurora’s fateful 16th birthday approaches can we be somehow rooting for Maleficent?


Aurora at 16


Unexpected plot twists, witty exchanges, and the magnificently elegant Angelina Jolie getting badass make the movie entertaining.



The imagery is stunning and all the other familiar elements are there; faerie godmothers, a prince, and a fierce dragon, but there’s very little else I can describe without spoilers. I would call Maleficent fantastic if the story’s depth and heart matched its visual effects.

 --All images courtesy of Disney


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