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15 bloggers recently discovered the brighter side of spiced, with new Malibu Island Spiced Rum. Malibu Island Spiced combines Malibu’s signature blend of Caribbean rum and coconut liqueur with light spices, smoked vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of natural sweetness with Truvia®, zero-calorie sweetener. The result is a lower calorie, full-flavored spiced rum alternative. 

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SIP EASY. ENJOY MALIBU RESPONSIBLY. MALIBU ® Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur & Natural Spices, with Truvia® Sweetener. 30% Alc./Vol. (60 Proof) ©2013 Imported by Pernod Ricard USA, Purchase, NY. Truvia® and the Truvia®  logo are registered trademarks of the Truvia Company LLC. PER 1.5 FL. OZ. SERVING. AVERAGE ANALYSIS: CALORIES 70; CARBOHYDRATES less than 1 gram; PROTEIN 0 grams; FAT 0 grams. *when mixed with your favorite zero calorie mixer. Limes and other garnishes may add calories

Girls Night Out-The Brighter Side of Spiced!

I am excited to tell you all about a brand new product that Malibu has come out with, Malibu Island Spiced! I for one am always on the hunt for low calorie cocktail options. So color me ecstatic when I learned that Malibu created a brand new rum with only 70 calories! It is infused with coconut, vanilla, and a tad bit of cinnamon, and is sweetened with Truvia® Since I have been eating a lot cleaner, and I have cut out the aspartame loaded diet coke, this all natural sweetener was music to my ears....more

If Lauren Conrad Loves It....

than most girls do too, right? Isn't that how it works? I wanted to be best friends with LC back in the days of The Hills (maybe still do..) and now I think she is such a good role model and business woman. Well, I noticed via her twitter that we have something else in common besides loving fashion and thinking Brody Jenner is cute (at one point): she is also a big fan of Malibu Island Spiced cocktails! The other weekend, I had three of my girlfriends over for a Friday evening happy hour after work....more

The Brighter Side of Spiced

As the warm summer months approach, it is time to break out some beachy cocktails to get in the spirit! Malibu recently released a brand new rum to their collection - Malibu Island Spiced! If you're already a fan of Malibu's coconut rum, Island Spiced should be right up your alley. It features a bolder taste of Caribbean rum and is infused with coconut, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon. There is another aspect of this rum that has me doing a happy dance. Malibu Island Spiced uses Truvia® all natural sweetener, which makes each serving clock in at only 70 calories....more

Monday Remake - Girls Night!

I have a fun girl's night planned with one of my besties to celebrate her birthday.  I was out of town for her actual day, so we're doing a little belated sips and snacks evening. I'm working with Malibu Island Spiced for this post, so I wanted an outfit totally vacation-feeling.  So, why not go with a muumuu, right? I loved the color and the white embroidered detail, but the rest of it was definitely not feeling like a holiday.I LOVED the white embroidery at the collar so I wanted to make that the key element....more

Life is All About Balance

For the most part, April and May were really hectic. With moving, running the Boston Marathon, dealing with running injuries, work demands, and going to Michigan for Mother's Day, life had felt pretty devoid of quality Ian time. Fortunately, that changed a few weeks ago when after what felt like one of the longest weeks ever, Ian and I went out for a nice night on the town. After much debate, we decided to go to English, an upscale restaurant and bar in River North, to enjoy a nice dinner and a much needed "bring on the weekend drink"....more

Out on the Town: Malibu Spiced Rum Cocktails

As a food writer and cooking teacher, I spend a lot of solo time in the kitchen testing recipes and solo time at my desk researching and writing. So recently, when I got asked by BlogHer and Malibu to go out for a night on the town with friends to sample cocktails, I was more than happy to deviate from the routine. My friends Barb and Colleen joined in on this girls' night out to try out cocktails at Prohibition on the Upper West Side, one of the places in New York that serves the new Malibu Island Spiced rum....more

Make(up) Your Night Out With Mailbu Island Spiced Rum

I don't know about you, but life can get pretty stressful for me. Between my career, blogging, keeping house, working out, my boyfriend and family I am not left with much time to unwind, get dolled up and go out. So, when I do finally make time to relax and have fun I make sure to do it in style, and in the right company. On my list of things I normally save for going out is spending extra time on my makeup; think smokey eyes and false lashes. Oh, how I love the look of a dramatic eye. The way it makes me feel when I look at POW! WOW! eyes in the mirror....more

balance makes the heart grow fonder {out on the town}

You know we're a DIY blog around here, right?!?! And we will DIY anything big and small. We like a super duper easy DIY, or a more complex, multi-step project, or even a back breaking, not-that-challenging-but-incredibly-time-consuming home improvement. We really do love them all, and balance really is the spice of life. I can't imagine only having drop ceilings to remove every. single. day. Seriously, can we just think about that for a second. Ummmm, nothankyou. But, the other side is that there also needs to be more to my life than the DIY projects we tackle around the home....more

A Healthier Summer Cocktail - Malibu Island Spiced

Summer is finally here in Houston and this girl has been loving the warm weather and fun with friends. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to the new Malibu Island Spiced and today I’m sharing this little gem with you! First and foremost, I must point out that this girl LOVES rum! It never fails to make me feel summery and in celebration mode, probably due to the large amount consumed on beach vacations, but that’s beside the point!...more

The Brighter Side of Spiced

Malibu recently released Malibu Island Spiced, which is a Caribbean rum with coconut liqueur and natural spices. Malibu Island Spiced is sweetened with Truvia® sweetener, making it only 70 calories per serving. I really like that. It’s nice to indulge in a few cocktails without feeling guilty. A few weeks ago, I volunteered to participate in a blogger campaign sponsored by Malibu Island Spiced through BlogHer. I really wanted to join this campaign, because I adore Malibu Rum, and wanted to try the new Malibu Island Spiced. I even made Malibu Rum cupcakes a few weeks ago!...more