Dreading the Question: "Can We Go to the Pool?"

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[Editor's Note: I really thought it was just me... that I was the only local pool hating mom in the world. Turns out I'm not. This post at Crazy for Trying had me laughing and nodding and laughing again. If you've ever cringed when your kid has asked to go to the pool, this post is for you. But, really, when do they learn to NOT grab for your bathing suit strap? -Jenna]

Mama, Can We Go to the Pool?:

City Pool 1I love that question. I dread that question.

Yes, I would love to go to the pool.

But please, children, eat something beforehand. Because I know at the end of the day you’re going to be tired and hungry. And then you’ll be cranky. No, make that CRANKY. To the point where you’re sitting on the steps of the pool and someone splashes you and you get water in your eyes and then when you try and brush it out the sunscreen gets smeared in there too and your eyes will be irritated and fortheloveofgodstopcrying.

Continue reading for some nod-incuding laughs about a day at the pool.

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