The mama needs to be happy.

My mom got sick this year - she is 84 years old, she takes alot of medications and couldn't keep her health in balance. My dad, the loving nurse, tried to take care of her but he is 88 years old, physically spry but not able to multi-task in this confusing world. I know my mom feels that her body betrayed her,  I can see it in her eyes. She said "I can't believe this is happening to me". Her fear and tears broke my heart and I wanted her to feel at peace inside. She just wanted to walk, function day to day, interact with her friends and have her family nearby.

She is doing better now although the Parkinson's has made her weak on her right side. She eats with her left hand now. The tremors are only bad when she gets nervous or anxious about her health. This past week her birthday card program on the computer went awry. That computer program is similar to her body. It worked just fine according to what she wanted to do on a day to day basis. My brother and sister discussed getting my parents a laptop with Skype or a new card program.  But she doesn't want a fancy new computer because she won't now how to work the new programs. My mom just wants her old program back the way it worked before. She just wants to make birthday cards for her loved ones the way she always did.  It worked just fine and it made her happy.



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