Mamas, you can and you will embrace the leggings

Hello Mamas,

Kimberly here and I hope you all had a great Halloween! I'm sure you all are like me and everytime you walk past your children's candy you grab one for yourself and throw three in the trash!! ahaha!! I remember my friend telling me she finally threw it all in the trash and squirted mustard over it so she couldn't go back for more!!!! hysterical! weren't supposed to tell people..xo Kate

Which brings me to my idea for this post. Leggings! stretchy, comfy, elastic waist band, sheek and stylish leggings!! Seems like the perfect go to pant  for these lovely up and coming holiday months!! LOL!! And yes everyone can rock the leggings!! All body types!! I used to think my legs were to muscular to wear the leggings when they first came in style, I thought only the Kate Moss of the world could pull it off. Not anymore. I love love love my leggings and Mamas they are here to stay so embrace them if you haven't already. They first time I wore my leggings I paired it with a very large and long sweater and now I will wear them with a long t-shirt and a cropped jacket etc. Its all in what you are comfortable in and the more you get used to wearing them, the more confident you become in different looks. I promise you. 

I recently had a conversation with some moms at my twins football game about leggings and skinny 
jeans. They all said that they thought that this style would look awful on them and that their legs were too big! We are so hard on ourselves! I told them that if they wore clothing that was more fitted to their bodies that it makes them look smaller. Holla!! They told me they would give this style a try! 

Kate again..It's not only people who think they'll look too big in leggings, I have a girlfriend who's teeny, tiny and afraid her little legs would dissapear.  Not so I told her..P@m (name hidden to protect the thin-o-cent), go out and get yourself a pair of leggings stat! Well, one day at CCD drop off I got cut off by an over zealous mini van and out popped P@m, long cardigan, tall black boots and leggings! She couldn't wait to show me! And she looked haute mamas!! Moral of the story...don't knock it til you try it! Kate

Here are a few of my favorites in all body types....


Picture 16
style & Co. Faux leather racing stripe legging...$29.00

Picture 4
Ponte Knit Leggings.... $39.50

 Picture 5
Woven Denim Pull on Jeggings..... $ 49.50

These two photo's pictured above are of plus size models and I must say they rock the leggings!! See!!!

For those of you looking for that date night legging or girls night out.. check out these bandage leggings!! YOWZA!!!

Picture 11

Or maybe this pair of Velvet leggings for Holiday Parties....  Gorgeous!!! 

 Picture 13

So mamas the moral of the story is this..... Leggings are here to stay and you can wear them!! They come in so many styles and price ranges, show off your legs this holiday season and with the elastic waist band.... Aww hell... pass the pie!!!

My name is Kimberly and I approve this message! Giggle!! Giggle!!



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