Mammograms Better Than Thermography

I just went in for my annual mammogram and had to go back for more magnification views and an ultrasound.  The calls to ask you to come back in always make me pause and wonder if this is going to be the time when I hear bad news.  I had a breast biopsy2 years ago and the scar tissue that's left creates a area on the mammogram that doesn't look quite right. 

And so, like millions of women I head back for more screening, thankful on one hand that we have diagnostic imaging available and that we don't have to guess and hope that everything is ok, but can look for problem areas.  I often think of women in other developing countries who don't have access to mammograms and treatment and am grateful that I live here.

My patients are always wondering if the alternatives to mammogram including thermography make sense. Thermography utilizes temperature readings to look for areas of concern that have higher temperatures which would be an indirect indicator of more biologically active cell turn over which is what occurs in some cancers.  It sounds like a good idea, but in this case, thermography is not as good as mammograms and misses many cancers.

I just read an article that reports on a study where 50% of cancers were missed by thermography. 

Here are the 6 essential questions you need for Breast Cancer screening.

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